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    Just saw this on the softick forum

    There's a new company coming out with a bunch of Treo utility apps and a working audio gateway for the 700p is one of them. Several are already out and blowing everyone else away.

    Out of courtesy, I won't post the name here because several of the apps are in direct competition with softick. It's just going to get quieter around here.
    can anyone tell me who this company might be I would love a working A2DP solution I already gave up on card export II in favor of Card Reader by mobile stream
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    Yes, does that person have inside info? I haven't been able to find anything despite numerous searches online...
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    I PMed him for info no answer yet and my searches have been fruitless as well.
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    OK what company is this??!?
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    Vaporware, Inc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SamT
    Vaporware, Inc.
    hope not!

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