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    My setup: data centralized on MS Exchange server, with which my Mac (via Entourage) and Treo (via Versamail) sync. Due to a corruption in my handheld AddressDB, I've had to delete it and as a result, have no contact info on my handheld. But when I try to sync via Versamail, it does not retrieve contact info from the Exchange server. Is there a way for me to "reset" Versamail into thinking that it needs to import the contacts from the Exchange server onto my handheld?
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    Yes - it's a tad blunt, but it's easy. Simply change the server address in the ActiveSync settings to something fake, and save/exit out etc. Try a sync to make sure the fake setting 'took' and it's failing. Then, go in and change it back to the correct server, and the treo should re-sync everything.

    If that fails, you will have to delete the activesync account (you'll need to create a pop or imap account - doesn't have to work - first), then re-create it. Do not use palm desktop at any time during this process except to backup your stuff before you start, the frickin' versamail conduit is a piece of garbage, and will hinder you severely.
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    Good tip. Thanks.

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