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    I tried looking for a post that contained this information but was unsuccessful so....

    I have been recently trying to hotsync my treo 650 with my dell computer with bluetooth (I removed the toshiba stack). Although the hotsync works, when the very last item (PhonebookDB) begins to hotsync, IT NEVER ENDS.

    I have to manually cancel the hotsync by clicking cancel on the computer and the phone. HOWEVER, the phone will not stop hotsyncing (I've waited up to 15 minutes) unless I open the battery cover and perform a soft-reset.

    After checking the phone and computer, all of my necessary items (contacts, calendar, notes, etc) have clearly been synced up. Therefore, I am wondering what is casuing me to have to perform a soft-reset EVERY SINGLE TIME I hotsync with bluetooth

    On a side note, this problem does not arise when I sync via USB.

    My system setup is as follows: DELL M1210, Windows XP Media Edition, Outlook 2007 Beta, and PocketMirror XT (so that I can sync with Outlook 2007 Beta)

    Any help would be really appreciated....
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    I find in my situation that I have to cancel the backup from the desktop/laptop to get it to shut down. Canceling from the Treo takes a lot longer. Ben

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