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    Before I elaborate more on this I want to make myself clear that ChatterEmail is the BEST email solution for the Treo Smartphone family. I loved it on my Treo 650 and now on my Treo 700p the experience is still awesome and I recommend it to anybody, advance or novice user.

    Now, let's cut the chase and get into business. I have been experiencing random issues while using the summary view as my default. The problem is that is not a consistent bug and Marc can't reproduce it and he is right. This bug does not have an step by step reproduction. However, this is what I found:

    - Sprint Treo 700p
    - AOL IMAP online mailbox
    - Summary view with lot of messages from different mailboxes
    - An old message from 7/6/06 which I read and marked as unread and still
    hanging there in the AOL IMAP online inbox (the one with the blue envelop icon)
    - While in the summary view there are times when new messages get mixed up with the position of the old ones.

    That is one of the cases and it happens most of the time while I'm in the summary view and a new message comes in.

    Another similar bug is that sometimes after loading a message that has html and clicking on the red browse button Blazer load the html of the wrong message. It usually load the one before on the same mailbox.

    The reason for posting all this here is that I would like to know if anybody else is having the same problem. If so we can try to help Marc (ChatterEmail developer) to fix this bug.

    Your feedback will be appreciated.


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    If I am reading correctly the first bug has the order (sort by date) messed up? IE - A message from 3 weeks ago is at the top of the list and a new message is somewhere scattered in the list of messages?

    I have seen that myself (and I do also have an AIM mailbox). But, in my case a refresh of the screen by switching views or any other forced sort corrects it. I also wrote it off as a cosmetic bug and it never bothered me. I can keep an eye out for specific details if needed.

    Regarding the wrong message loading I have never had that happen. Sorry I can't be of any help there.

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    I have also seen messages appear out of order in summary view right when they come in, if I am in summary view. When I change views and come back, everything is in order.
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    samething happens with me once i go out and come back in it is corrected not a big deal for me

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    Yeah, it is not a big deal some times, but when you hit reply to a message and a different message is shown it can be a problem. Or when you delete a message and the wrong one is deleted it can also be a problem. I think it is an index bug. Somehow when new messages arrive the index number for the emails get out of order.
    Marc is aware of some of the issues but maybe somebody can suggest a technical solution the bug.

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    treolo - Even when new messages arrive, this RARELY happens, so it's nothing as obvious as you suggest.

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    Hmm - I've noticed this as well. Happens to me quite frequently (2-3 times/day).
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    In the latest beta's??


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