I spent an hour searching the forums but could not find this discussed. Sorry if it has been but I just could not locate any such thread.

Outlook 2003 automatically converts the phone numbers I enter into international format [+(country code)(city code)(local number)] and this gets HotSync'ed to my Treo 700p.

Although CDMA networks do not handle the + prefix, at least the Treo 700p can replace it with 011 before a voice call is made. The Phone application can be configured to substitute 011 or any digit sequence for the + prefix (used in GSM networks) when calling an international number.

However, the same cannot be said for the SMS application. So when I send an SMS to someone (overseas) in my Contacts it never reaches them. I have to manually edit the number and replace + with 011. This is not a problem for recipients in the US since I think Sprint simply ignores the + prefix and ends up dialing 1(area code)(local number) instead of +1(area code)(local number).

I asked Palm about it but it has been rather inconsistent in the replies I received. One representative said that only the Phone application substitutes 011 for + when calling international long distance but the SMS application does not. A second representative said it should work fine.

Am I missing anything? Is there a work around?

This isn't a problem with my GSM Treo 600 since the + prefix is part of the GSM specifications and is properly interpreted by the network.

Thanks for any tips!