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    Since I'm only 22, I have the luxury of being able to use small fonts on my Treo. I just stumbled upon the post recommending FontSmoother and 8pt Tahoma for Blazer, and I feel like I'm using a different device now! I've actually extended the use of 8pt Tahoma to my entire system, for the time being. It's GREAT - I can finally see enough text to make me WANT to use the memo feature, etc.

    The problem is, all of the 'widgets' are still normal-sized. The buttons and menus all look grossly oversized compared to the now-tiny text.

    I know that there are skinning utilities like Skin UI and Revolt out there. Do those programs have the capability to resize the widgets? If so, does anyone know of a good skin that uses smaller widgets?
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    That would be cool. I use FontHack V and the small FileProg font (converted by FontCollector) on my Zodiac, and while some apps do resize buttons and stuff, some don't.

    (And I'm two months shy of 43.)
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