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    I just bought the tt n 5 BT and have it on the trep 700p and I cant see how two use to maps at once. I have Midwest and Southeast on my card and I cant plan a trip to Marietta GA from Knoxville TN and I cant start from my home and then plan a trip to GA. This is bad I hope someone can help me. I have looked at alot of discussions on the tomtom 5 and cant find any info.
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    You can't use 2 maps at once.
    Use the major US roads map to plan the trip and then switch to SouthEast once you reach Georgia..

    It worked well for me on my trip from Brooklyn, NY to Myrtle Beach, SC.
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    Thanks I did think of that but I just would like to use all the maps together. Thank you for the reply I will try that.
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    Yeah, thats how I was hoping it would work. I thought TT would be smart enough to take my current location and switch between installed maps automatically.
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    That is the -one- single feature I liked in Mapopolis. It would load connecting maps if you had them and told it to do it. Problem is mapopolis' maps aren't very efficient and if you want to travel further than a few counties, it just is horribly unstable.

    I'd love to see TOMTOM implement this sort of feature

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