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    Just curious if anyone has done this yet...

    I ride my bikes (bicycle and motorcycle) quite a bit and have questioned whether or not to purchase a GPS solution (like TomTom) and fabricate a cradle for the Treo to rest on my handlebars as I ride.

    This would work, surely, although I'm afraid the bumpiness and rough ride may not be good for the unit.

    ...Just wondering if anyone has done this yet?

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    I have in the past used Tom Tom on my bicycle. I didnt bother with a cradle (because I didnt want to look like a plonker), I set the route and put the Treo650 and Bluetooth GPS unit in my backpack, and connected the earphones to the treo, you can adjust the volume within TomTom. - I cant see the screen but I can hear the route commentary which is good enough for navigation on a bicycle.
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    There's a couple of threads on the topic already. I have teased Seidio about the interest in such a product. I have avoided pursuinbg myself as there just isn't a good trail biking software program. Delorme has the Topo series but not even their CS people have any idea about using with handhelds.
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    I use my iQue 2600 for GPS navigation on the motorcycle. There are RAM mounts, but they provide no protection from the elements. There is a product called an OtterBox that provides all weather protection, but unsure if they have one for the Treo....most likely they do. For my iQue, I place it inside the clear plastic map pocket on top of my tank bag. I also have wired up a 12 volt accessory outlet under the motorcycle's seat so I can power any 12 volt this case the iQue's auto cradle. Again, similar to what you can get for the Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o_town_racer
    There is a product called an OtterBox that provides all weather protection, but unsure if they have one for the Treo
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    Well there you go....
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