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    I just added my email to my Treo following the instructions provided in the manual. As stated above, I have a Treo 650 on Sprint and am using the Versamail program.

    The email pulls when I hit "get" fine and sends email fine. The problem is when I sync. The emails (about 40) in my inbox on Outlook (2002) are not going to my Treo and my sent items from my Treo are not logging on my Outlook "sent" box. Plus the messages download again on my Outlook. So it's a lot of double doing on my email.

    I have a pop3 account with a URL that I own for my small business.

    I don't necessarily care about Versamail, but want to see if there is a way that my inbox and sent items will sync with Outlook or some other mail application. Please help. The way it works right now it's not that useful
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    I'll have to assume you have the Palm software installed on your computer. If you go into the palmOne folder, and select Hotsync. You'll see the sync icon appear down by your clock on the taskbar.

    If you right click on this you can click on Custom, in here you will be able to specify what happens to everything as it is transfered to your treo, and desktop.

    How that helps somewhat..

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