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    My Cingular Treo 650 is having a problem....the stylus just falls out!

    So Cingular will be sending me a refurb unit. How can I tell how "old" it is or how many lifetime minutes are used?

    Bummer since mine is in perfect condition.....except for the dropping stylus part!

    Any comments?
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    I wouldn't exchange a perfect condition Treo for a refurb just because of a stylus falling out. Three suggestions:

    1. Get a 3-pack of palm pen styli. They're pretty cheap. Not guaranteed to fix your problem, but it might. I love my pen stylus. Visit the TreoCentral store:

    2. Try bending your existing stylus slightly by hand. *SLIGHTLY*. It doesn't take much. You won't notice the bend when you use it, but it will keep the stylus firmly in its holder.

    3. Try a bit of scotch tape around the middle. No more than one layer.

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    OMG...I bent it just slightly...and it is now not falling out! Hooray for treocentral! Thank you so I just have to send the refurb unit back when I get it!
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    I recently put my original stylus back in, and it was really really loose. I use the Palm pen styuls thing, and that holds in their great. Does it loosen up over time, or did the pen stylus loosen it up? I'm supposed to get a "new" 650 from Sprint soon, and I want to try to keep it as new as possible, as long as possible, so I can get more for it when I upgrade to an 800.

    Yes, 800, it's going to take that long for me to warrent dropping $650 on these things.
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    Well I opened the refurb unit. Is it possible for the lifetime minutes to be reset? Those were at 0...hardware "b" and latest software update.

    But the sounded back and they are supposed to send another unit...

    Are there units out there with nasty speakers? Hope to get a response...
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    A little sliver of cellophane tape in the trough inside the device works just fine!
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    I'm getting a refurb too and am worried. The one I have has no problems except the expansion card slot is no longer working well (the card no longer "pops" out, I have to wiggle it out with tweezer from a Swiss Army knife) and keys are starting to stick pretty badly. It's not even a year old. Given the other problems people reported with original Treos and refurbs, I wonder how solid the hardware manufacturing was on them.
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    Wow, this is a new one.. Exchanging because the stylus falls out...

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