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    Hello....I have had a Treo 650 for a long time, and have lurked on this board for a while, but have never had the fortitude to download anything onto my phone. I am very interested in downloading a clock application, probably either Bobs alarm or Palmary clock, but I have no idea what to do. Do I use my browser on my phone and download it from there, or do I download the program onto my PC, and then sync it to my phone? I am not very savvy at all when it comes to this so it would really need to be simple for me to do it. Thanks in advance...

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    PRC files can be downloaded directly to the device. If it is a zip file, you will need a program that works with them; I use LightNZip.

    If the file is a large zip file, then it will probably be better to download it the desktop and install it via sync. Ben

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