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    Posting to the larger forum. In the bluetooth forum, some have has success pairing their 700p with their audi. The audi is on the nonsupported list from palm, so I am wondering if there are others out there that have paired these successfully and have tips to achieving this. I have had no luck and cannot rely that palm will post an update any time soon. Thanks for any help.
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    You might have some luck with an Audi discussion board. Try searching around google and you might find something. I have an Acura TL and they have a pretty big discussion board, it's nice.

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    Well one of them must go. I'm sure you will miss your Audi.
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    Check out VW Vortex, it's the best source of discussion topics for all thing VW. Yes, Audi is part of the VW family.

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    I own an Audi w/o BT and a VW. VWvortex has a decent Audi population but you should also check out Audizine and Audiworld.
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    I have a A6 '05 and the Treo works fairly well... some inconsistencies. At one point I had the phonebook, now I don't but definately is useable. Check this link for more info on BT, 700p and A6. Also do a search on Bluetoth and Treo and you will see other info.

    Hope it helps!
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    I have an 2006 A6 4.2 and it pairs fine, the problem is that the volume of the mic is too low for some callers (had no problem with my 650). And occassionally, the BT connection cuts out then starts back up. Otherwise, it often works for a while with no problem
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    The BT in my A6 cuts out every day in one particular area on my way home from work. Eventually the Treo does recognize the Audi and it will pair up again, but not as a "trusted device." Anyone try the "phone harness" or know what it costs?

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