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    Is there a way to trick the 650 to bypass voicemail and enter a numeric page.

    I am trying to set up my work voicmail to notify my cell when I have a voicemail on the work system. It can dial the treo but I don't know how to send a page with the work phone number?
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    not sure if it will work on all carriers...but on Sprint, once the cell phone's voicemail greeting starts you can press 2, then enter the number (555-5555) then pound and hang up.

    If your work vm sys can pause for a set time (until voicemail answers), and then enter 2 + your number + #, it just might work.

    I know I've seen some phones that allow "pauses" so you can program you phone to access your voicemail and enter your password, but not sure if it is available from within a voicemail system.

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