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    I'm thinking of buying this .

    I've decided to take the risk and try out the Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset, and this says it is, has the model number, but doesn't have a picture showing the Palm Brand. Do y'all think it's safe? It is from Amazon, but something tells me to go elsewhere.

    I normally would, but I'm thinking of applying for the dumb Amazon credit card to get $30 off my order
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    Why not just get the Discovery 645 from The 645 is exactly the same as the Ultralight isn't it? Also, since the 645 is directly from Amazon, you get free shipping.
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    The Ultralight lets me use the Treo plug, but, other than that, I guess it is the same thing. I looked around online, and it's the right one, the box is different.

    I already ordered it, now you're making me rethink myself. I didn't even put the 645 into the equation. I was about to get the JX-10, but figured I should just stick with this. If I have problems, I'll return it, I guess, and try something else.
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    The 645 comes with a Treo charger adapter as well. At least that's what others here have reported.

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