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    Normally, on my 650, when you charge the battery the LED on the phone turns orange, until it is fully charge, then it turns to green. For some reason, lately, it stays orange while charging, but when it is fully charged the LED goes out altogether - no green light. The battery says "100% Charged" when you check it, but there is no green LED.

    This also seems to be corresponding with significant battery drainage problems lately, which has been quite annoying. Any thoughts on this? Do i need a new battery? BTW, this is a Verizon phone, and I'm using the stock battery.
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    My mistake! I am using LED off, and somehow I must have accidentally entered the program and unchecked the box for the "fully charged" battery section. Doh! Still, my battery life is getting pretty **** poor.
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    Mine too. I did a hard reset, and it helped, but it wasn't as great as when I first got it. Sprint turned off roaming and said that should help it (yeah, sure).

    I restored everything, when I got it back, and it was still draining fast.

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