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    is anyone else having problems with the call log not actually logging calls? My 650 was perfect in that regard, but the 700P leaves much to be desired. Sometimes I can actually have a conversation, leave a message, etc. and no indication in the call log it ever happened. I can be sitting there on the land line when a call comes in, sometimes I hit ignore and sometimes not, but when I go to the call log to return the call its not there. There is no pattern to when it happens. I hate this problem as I used to be able to rely on my call log to demonstrate exactly when calls came in and when I returned them. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

    p.s. I should be clear that some calls do get logged and others don't.
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    I can't be the only one having this problem can I?
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    I have seen this as well. I haven't payed much attention to it but there has been a couple of times this has happened to me.
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    my calls get logged, but my minute timers aren't counting, they stay at zero...

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