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    I am looking for a fairly simple way to store the following on my Prism instead of the deck of index cards currently used:

    File of books, sorted by author - currently have maybe 40 or 50 authors.

    Within each author, I want to list books, noting the following for ea. book - title, year published, a note field for noting such things as ordered, or paperback, and finally a checkoff or similar to indicate if I read it.

    Right now I have an index card for each author, with the books and notes listed on each card. Any suggestions for something simple, and hopefully free or cheap.

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    Hi Dougef,

    No replies to this post yet, so here's one for you at least...FilemakerPro mobile

    I'm gonna be a bit of a hypocrite and recommend something I haven't installed on my visor YET, but which i use on a desktop, and for which a mobile version is available. My buddy also swears by it for all his Palm mobile databases. (I'm aslo assuming it works on Visor.)

    I love FM Pro for an author/title database I manage at a publishing company. The mobile software is 47 bucks so if you're looking for freeware, search on...
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    Thanks for the suggestion. But that's a bit pricey for what I want to accomplish. Hoping for some other solutions. I suspect FM Pro is quite a bit more powerful than my needs require.
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    Download ThinkDB 2 from I'm sure you can find a pre-made database (tinybyte) that will fulfill your needs, if not make one yourself. It's Free!
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    You might also be able to make HandyShopper work (HS2). It's a shopping list, checklist, etc database (free). You can set up groups (stores) and categories of course. Items can have a note attached.

    Great for groceries too!
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    I use ThinkDB2 for the exact same purpose you are (I think).

    I track all my books with one DB, and track all my research with another. If you decide you don't want to build the db yourself (which I think you should try...), I can send you waht I'm using.

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