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    I've been demo'ing an MP3 playing software called 'mOcean' and it has a setting to turn the backlight off, and right beneath that you can set it to never turn the screen off, that way I can have it on my dashboard and be able to control the player without sucking up batteries.

    the 'never turn off screen' function stopped working, however, so now I have to click the green phone button, click the middle button, then browse to the program to get back to where I was if I want to change a song, change volume, etc. I found there is a way to set the screen timeout value to 3 minutes in the general preferences, but I really need to disable that timeout value. Is there a way to do this or do I need additional software?
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    AlwaysOn can do this. There others out there as well that can
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    Today I purchased a car charger, so I don't need to worry about leaving the phone on while the backlight is turned off. Now I just need a way to keep it on with the backlight. Surely there's a way to do this without purchasing a 3rd party app?
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    Did you read the previous post??? AlwaysOn will keep the backlight on indefinitely if you want....and it's FREE. You can find it at
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    I tried googling it and didn't find it; user error. Thanks for the info! Has anyone actually installed this app? I just installed it but it didn't create any sort of program shortcut, nor did it alter my power where I turn it on?

    Edit-nevermind, the link above was to a bogus 'hack' file. I found the real thing here:
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