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    When you receive a picture through texting, is there a way to save it to the memory card? I have pictures saved in the "saved" folder under messaging. I have tried to figure out how to save them to the card, or better yet get them off of the phone and onto my laptop. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks for the help.....
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    don't know about you but when i get a text msg with a picture it's usually thoruhg a link to sprintpcs' website. the picture then opens with blazer and you can download it a card the same way you do in blazer, by clicking and holding. it should give you the option of transferring to card. it should automatically download to your desktop during hte next hotsync and if that doesn't happy you can use a sd card reader or a program like mobilestream card reader.
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    I am on Verizon. Tapping on the picture doesn't do anything, have FileZ but don't see how or where I could move stuff around on there either.
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    do you get the picture straight in the text message or do you have to click a link to goto an external website?
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    Straight in the message. I just click on the icon for the picture and it opens up on another screen.
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    celljunkie .... not sure if you can just "tap" on it .... may have to hold the stylus on the pic for a second or two (as muncheroo suggested) and you should get some little pop up? ......... OR .... when you have the pic on screen can you hit the menu button (bottom right) and get any options?
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    Holding the stylus down does nothing either. Let me try the menu button.......
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    take a picture of the phone with a 2nd camera
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    And what will that accomplish?
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    [B]ok what you do is open it up and press the menu key select save picture and the it will have options, select your card which is under the line and your good, or you can just save it to your device and then move it to your card
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    Hitting/holding the menu key does nothing, as does tapping/holding the picture with a stylus. Nothing with any options comes up to let you save the picture to either the phone or the card. Very frustrating and I am almost ready to throw in the towel!
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    celljunkie ..... would you be willing to try and send me a picture thru texting? PM me if you want to give it a shot.

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