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    Is it possible to use a password to block or lock the web program on my Treo 650 so that someone using my phone cannot launch the web program?

    I am using ZLauncher and can password a tab but don't know if it is possible to lock an individual program.

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    In zLauncher, you can also hide the tab in addition to locking it.

    Otherwise, mEncryptor can be used to lockdown applications. I don't know if it will work with Blazer, though. You can find it at

    I've not had much success with encryption applications locking down things though. The couple that I've tried have both ended up with eventually needing to do a hard reset.
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    Try AppLock (it can be found on, but I guess it can be just removed from memory with explorer and protection will gone. But for people who is not aware what and how it can help to prevent seeing from bad eyes.

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