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    go to and there are a ton of chargers there for $6.

    free shipping and enter "newalley" as your coupon and there you go.... $3 a piece delivered to your door.
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    Kinda scary, but hmmm... I need a car charger. Nothing on
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Kinda scary, but hmmm... I need a car charger. Nothing on
    They are a Powerseller on eBay with 99.6% positive feedback, so should be ok. I'm going to try it. $3 for a car charger shipped--- seems worth the risk. Plus your paying with credit card-- can get your $3 back if they don't ship. The AC chargers are up to $5 after the discount though.

    They use a secure website for payment info entry, but not for account registration, which I guess is ok since there's nothing extremely private about account registration.
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    That's not an OEM charger. The plug doesn't even look right. I'd be worried that it would damage my Treo. I got a Palm charger on ebay for pretty cheap. Haven't had any problems with it
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    The picture is a generic car charger picture. It's not a picture of the Treo 650 charger specifically. Alot of companies do this to save the time of taking a picture of each charger...they just use the same picture.

    For a car charger, I still think the best way to go is to use a retractable sync/charge cable coupled with a USB Car Plug adapter. I like this because the sync/charge connector goes across the entire bottom of the Treo and stays put. The standard charger plug came unplugged all the time on both my 650 and 700p.

    It's not the cheapest way to go, but you can get bundles like that on eBay for a fairly low price.
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    I ordered 2 home chargers for $9.99 shipped. They came first class mail in 4 days from order to delivery. They are not OEM, but the plug, voltage and polarity are correct and I tried both of them out on my 700p yesterday and the phone charged and functions. They are just fine and I will continue to use them.
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