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    I am a complete novice when it comes to palm. THe 700p is my first palm ever. So far so good; however I would like a chat app for MSN (which is all I use). I understand verichat is the best and there is a hack available which actually works.

    Can someone quickly outline what I must do to download (and register) this version.

    Speak to me like an *****. Please.

    Thank you.
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    (1) go to and purchase/download Verichat for Palm.
    (2) don't install it
    (3) download the "hacked"version found elsewhere in this forum
    (4) installed the hacked version
    (5) enter the license key from the licensed version into the hacked app.
    (6) done.
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    In my haste I purchased the version from treocentral (in show of support) and did download it.

    Now I dont know what to do? Should I fully un-install this? I have read that if every single piece of the program isnt removed correctly the hack wont work.

    Is there a special way to do this? What do you recommend at this point? THnaks.
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    If you have already installed it, you need to:

    - delete verichat from Treo
    - do a WARM reset (search for this)
    - use FileZ or Launcher X or other tool (again google or search) to delete any "verixxxx" files remaining. This is critical, and is explained in other threads
    - install the hacked version of Verichat
    - done.
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    This is working now so far as I can tell.

    Thanks to everyone for their help.

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