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    I've had by Cingular T600 for 15 months and I'm pretty happy with it. One of the other forums I frequent has someone selling a Cingular 650 for $200. He says it's 2 months old. Would you upgrade for this price? I guess the main plusses are Hi Res and Bluetooth? Downside is that skincase, cradle and charging accessory don't work anymore. Does that sum it up? Should I just wait until my contract expires and upgrade then to 700p or whatever?
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    Two words: Do it! The 700p is still well over $400 and is not that much of an advance over the 650. The difference between the 600 and the 650 is much more noticable.
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    How much more time do you have on your contract? If it's not that long, I'd wait until the contract was over and switch to Sprint for the 700p, jumping from the 600 to the 700p would be huge jump.
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    if you were to jump to Sprint (assuming that is an option) you could grab the 700p from for 299$

    Do you pay for unlimited internet? Do you live in EVDO? If so the 700p is for you. If not the 650 may be a good chioce. I may still consider grabbing the 650 from Cing. (over the two month old one) depending on the price. I would think it would only be 50 or so more.
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    I got an upgrade from a Treo 600 to a Brand New Treo 650 for US$ 200. So, try to negotiate.
    Yes, the 650 is a better device compared to the 600 in terms of quality of hardware and: yes the 600 cradle and other accessories don't work for the 650.... pretty sad.
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    YES. And then you can probably sell your 600 for $50, making your upgrade even cheaper. I'm not yet convinced it's worth upgrading from my 650 to a 700, but the upgrade from the 600 to my 650 was a no-brainer.
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    I'm on a 2 year contract so I've got about 9 months to go. I don't think Cingular would have any reason to negotiate with me at this point. Thanks everyone for your input so far. If anyone has more to say, I'm still listening. Selling the 600 had occurred to me, but for $50, I'd probably just keep it as a backup.
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    I was looking at cingular yesturday and they have refurb 650's for $149. They were also running specials on new 650's as well for $149
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    Do it. It's worth it.
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    Just do it its not just the screen and bluetooth the 650 is faster at all tasks compared to the 600
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    i say do it. i had a 600 for about 3 days and hated it so swaped to the 650 and love it
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    I just bought a refurb cingular 650 off ebay, had to unlock it, chose to update rom, bought some buy in $300 or so. I think upgrading from the 600 for this price with no contract extension from tmobile is totally worth it. the 650 is what the 600 should have been....the 700 what the 650 should have been. hopefully i'm satiated long enough til I get the features I want in a smartphone (read HTC TyTN).

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