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    I just recently bought a Treo700P. Somewhat new to PDA's but am need of a reliable DB program that is relatively easy to understand. Use to use Handebase on my Palm Tungsten T a while back, but I don't think it is compatible with the 700P yet. Was considering Smart List To Go or Database 7 Professional by Mobi-systems. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Really like the new Treo!
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    I have a huge database that I use to maintain sales. I have this on my desktop computer. I installed Smartlist to go and it syncs with the database super fast. Now I can enter the data no matter where I am. It is awesome!
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    HanDBase is compatible with the 700p - I use it hours a day. I also used Smart List To Go and had the same problem with it I did with HanDBase, so I went back to using HanDBase.

    If you decide to use one of them, may I suggest you read a bit about increasing device stability. I use Preference Doctor, Resco Locker and MemoryInfo, of which there is a thread or two on this system.

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