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    I have a Cingular GSM Treo 650. A while back I followed various instructions from this forum and put the unlocked GSM 1.20 ROM on it, then I customized it further with the ROM tool.

    Now I am going to sell the Treo, and I would like to restore it to a "normal" Cingular ROM - preferably the latest 1.17 version.

    Unfortunately, I'm running into some difficulty doing this. First attempt of course got me an error that I couldn't use the 1.17 updater on an unlocked GSM handheld. I then used the ROM tool to change the token to CNG and that got me past that problem.

    However, now when I try to run the Cingular 1.17 updater, it hangs on the "updating Treo ROM" screen. Using a fresh, temporary user doesn't help, nor does letting the updater do the same thing. As I understand it, this is because one of the previous updates I had done changed the partition sizes.

    How can I get the Treo back into a state where I can apply the Cingular 1.17 updater?
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    This is the SD method to help you restore your Cingular Treo 650.

    Click here to download my hack 1.17-CNG/FW 1.51, then save, unzip and rename to "PALM". Save the folder "PALM" to your SD card.
    Plug the charger into your treo.
    Insert the SD card to your Treo. The procedure gonna run automatically. Make sure that you don't lost the power supply and/or reset Treo while it is running update.
    Treo screen gonna blinking couple of time, then it reset itself.
    Remove the SD card.
    Delete the folder "PALM" on your SD. Your Treo now should be in the original state.
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    Thanks - worked perfectly!

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