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    I got an H700 and paired it with my 700p. Everything seemed happy. Then I paired it with my Mac, so I could do Skype calls, and now it doesn't seem to want to talk to my 700p anymore? I know it supports multiple device profiles.... how does it figure out who it should talk to?
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    Well, after much experimenting, I figured this out more or less. By default, if it can see more than one thing to talk to (e.g. Mac and 700p) it talks to the last device it was paired with first.

    So I my case I reset it, then paired it with my Mac, then my 700p. Now it talks to the 700p by default, and if I want to use it with my Mac (with the 700p in the room) I have to turn off the Bluetooth on the 700p and then it will connect to the Mac.

    Not the most convienent, but I guess it works.

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