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    whats up? Can anyone help me with this problem? I just started playing the Village Sim and everything works cool until I get my vilalgers all working on something. Ill have someone building, someone foraging, researching, etc...seems like when they're all doing something, my palm will crash? it will basically reset. then when I go back to the game, I lose all my progress and there's different villagers there. not mine. this happens everytime I play it. I've tried it like 10 times. im tired of this game doing this. i thought it was compatible with the 700p? maybe im wrong.

    is anyone else experiencing this? it sucks!! is there any way to stop it? thanks a lot for any help.
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    hmm...seems like the problem stopped when I moved the game to my external card instead of staying in my internal memory. i dont know if its fixed totally, but I havent had any problems yet since I moved it...

    Filez is the sh!t!!
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