Introducing the world's first hands-free and eyes-free email solution for in-vehicle use: iLane™.

iLane™ provides you with a hands-free and eyes-free, voice-interactive solution for managing email messages and attachments, phone calls, SMS messages and calendar appointments while in transit. iLane™ notifies you when new messages arrive on your handheld device, and then reads a summary aloud. Using voice commands you can then listen to the entire message; compose a reply; forward an attachment, and more.

iLane™ is unique in that it doesn't require access to a remote server to convert email messages into voice files. All data is communicated directly between iLane™ and your handheld device. You don't have to "dial in" to retrieve your messages from a server; iLane™ reads them to you immediately and automatically.

With iLane™, you don't have to take your eyes off the road, or your hands off the steering wheel to check your handheld device for new messages. You stay connected to critical information without sacrificing your on-road safety.

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From the FAQ

Q. What handhelds are compatible with iLane™?
A. iLane™ is compatible with Bluetooth® enabled BlackBerry® handheld devices running the BlackBerry® OS 4.0 and up. iLane™ will also support Bluetooth® enabled handheld devices and smart-phones that run on the Palm® OS, Windows Mobile® OS and Symbian OS™.

Q. Does it matter which wireless network my handheld device runs on?
A. No. Although iLane™ interacts with your handheld device, it operates independently of the handheld device's supported wireless network. Provided that your handheld device is compatible with iLane™, it doesn't matter whether it runs on the GSM/GPRS or CDMA network.

Q. Will iLane™ work with my vehicle's Bluetooth® enabled audio system?
A. Yes. iLane™ is compatible with vehicles with Bluetooth-enabled audio systems, such as the BMW. iLane™ is also compatable with Bluetooth-enabled hands-free kits and headsets, including Jabra® , Parrot® EasyDrive and Logitech®. Both hands-free and headset standard Bluetooth® profiles are supported.