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    Hi guys....I've searched the forum and have not noticed anyone else with the same please excuse me if this has been covered.

    Every now and then, a "Phone Updater" screen will pop up and it says the following:

    "Preparing Vision Services"
    Your phone must be configured for Vision services. This process will take a few minutes. Would you like to do this now?

    If I reply yes...the phone tries to connect to power vision and apparently it cannot connect because it says "cancelling" after a while.
    If I reply no....the phone cannot connect to receive data anyways

    Either way....the phone updater screen will pop up every 5 minutes or so...

    Some things I've noticed....this happens only when I'm at work and seems like every other day. My reception is great at work...all my bars are there...I have chatter and Toccer running in the background....not sure if that has anything to do with it...

    Any help would be appreciated....THANKS
  2.    #2 i searched the archives some more and it seems there are other people with this problem....

    I did the ##3828# and selected "Update Vision Services" seemed to have went through but the orginal issue still persists...
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    I had the same issue when I got the T650 and it turned out to be a wrong setting in the initial provision setup. I called Sprints Tier 2 tech support and they walked me through the settings. Never had that problem again.

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