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    has anyone had any experience with the palm keys (buttons) becoming worn after a point in time after heavy usage. I have seen some cases that cover the screen and keys, but it seems you would sacrifice some usability with that.

    any suggestions?
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    Has this happen to you?

    Sprint Treo 700p
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    This happened to me. That's why I've been periodically asking companies (Seidio) to make a very thin, silicon skin just for the keyboard. The skin would be moulded for each button so that they're still as useable as when you don't have the skin on the keyboard. I first started asking about it back in the Treo 650 days. They said it would cost too much to "retool" or something like that and that they would have one out for the Treo 700P.

    Been waiting and they still don't have one.
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    I would call myself a pretty heavy Treo user, and after a year + a half of using my 650, my treo was pretty scratched up, but input-wise (between keyboards & buttons), the 5-way & center was the only thing that got worn off.

    This time I ordered a Best Skin Ever and cut up the screen protector portion and put it on the center key & top of the 5-way. It holds onto the Center key incredibly well, it doesn't move at all, I recommend doing this. I do have to warn gamers to be careful as this was mostly Bike Or Die's fault.
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    Playing with the nintendo emulator a lot has resulted in the home key feeling like it lost a little bit of its spring. Could just be in my head tho.
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    the krussel cases for the palm 700 seems to have button protection.
    anyone use those?
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