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    Well I was on my 650 and 5 mins later the touch screen did not work and I would try to push something and it would push a random thing. Does anyone know what it is? Is it the Ispin in it? Well any thoughts would help thanks Shawn..
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    do you have a screen protector? they often mess up the touch screen at installation (or movement) and you need to recalibrate.
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    Well I did put a screen protector on and topok it off but it worked for about 2 weeks after i took it off and no I do not have a protector on it.. But now I touch it and it won't work.. If that is anybetter...
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    Maybe something under the edges of the screen.. Might take a playing card and JUST BARELY run it under the screen edges. DO NOT GO TO FAR as there are contacts there not too far in. Just sweep the very edges.
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    Shoot I did it and it did not work I touch the screen and it will effect whatever is higlighted, I am trying to explain the best way I can sorry...
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    use the navigation buttons then access "welcome"

    that should bring you to the recalibration of the screen.
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