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    Which internet is better?
    loads better?
    Also are you able to watch flash on either of them? For example youtube type stuff?
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    The Treo 700p has faster internet because it is on an EVDO radio with broadband like speeds.

    The sidekick is MUCH more solid than a Treo because it is MUCH harder to install 3rd party programs to a sidekick. If you are only going to use internet, text messaging, and email, a sidekick is pretty nice. But if you are going to install something besides that, or may in the future, a Treo is the way to go.

    You can not view flash on either device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by airoid
    You can not view flash on either device.
    Not true. You can play certain flash on the treo 700p. But its not a native app nor is it without its headaches and I believe its only a flash 5 player. I play older flash files/swf's (Mr. Wong.. some ripped Homestar Runner..) but some files just dont play.

    More info..... (searched):

    I'm not to try and sway you towards a treo and away from a sidekick. This reply was meant to be informative. Good luck with your choice.
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    of course that is assuming the 700p got real "evdo" speeds and not high end EDGE class 10. getting 220-300k isn't exactly much of a leap that most were anticipating.
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    I tested out the SK3 at a TM store and the speed was really really slow... The 700p can't get high scores at most speed test sites due to the sluggishness of the graphics rendering engine, not the raw EvDO speed... When tethered over USB I get 500-600kbps, which is pretty decent IMO.
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    Im tired of ppl complaining about the EVDO speeds of treo. even if its just in the 200-300kbps range. blazer is a major bottle neck and it never downloads anything fast as a pc does at 50kbps. so what does it matter if its not 900kbps like it could be blazer is too slow to take advantage of it. ppll should complain of processor speeds.

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