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    Recently, my "down" volume button (on the side) hasn't been working as it should. I have to kind of move it around until it starts. My battery has been draining pretty fast also. In the past, I could go at least 2 days without a recharge, with it only being at 30/40%. Now it's in the red before the day's over, with light use.

    I'm thinking of taking it to Sprint and seeing what they can do. I am paying the warranty thing, and it's still under the one year warranyt. Other than those problems, everything's fine with it. I hardly have any crashes, things work when it should. I do have a couple of scratches, but that's it.

    Do y'all recommend I return it to get a new/refurb one, or just keep mine, since it is running really well? I've read where people return them and end up with a buggy device.

    I've also thought of maybe going to a 700p, but, too spendy. Sprint said the best they could do right now, having it only 7 months, is give me $75 off with a new 2 year contract. I don't think EV-DO's available in my area, so that doesn't matter to me.
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    Oh, and, by the way, I've done a hard reset and only restored contacts, calendars, stuff like that. No 3rd party apps, just in case it's one of them, which, I can't figure out which one it could be. Unless one is checking for updates every 30 min or something, but then I'd notice the data coming on.
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    Ok, I took it in to Sprint. They turned off roaming and said there was nothing wrong with the side buttons. I showed the guy, and he was like, wow, you're right, hang on. Went in the back, talked to someone. About 10 min. later, he said he's going to order a new 650 for me. Cool, I guess.

    I just need to know how to check to make sure it's not a refurb, and put back the original ROM (I have a custom). If y'all want, you can let me know in here . If not, I'll look it up when I get home, I need a haircut.

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