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    Is it possible to have more than one hotsync user name for one treo 650? I picked an awkard word for my hotsync name, now i want to rename it without hard reset.
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    If you have registered third party apps with the old hotsync name you'll need new keys for the apps.

    All Palm devices have a "hidden" utility that allows you to change the user name on the device without a reset.

    The problem with doing it on a Treo is the correct method involves inputting some characters to activate the hidden utility - and they need to be input with Graffiti . The characters are input in the Notes application, shortcut, period, and the number 5.

    If you do that correctly on a normal Palm unit the next time you hotsync, the system will prompt you for a new user name.

    Maybe it can be done with one of those Graffiti Anywhere type apps.

    Years ago there was an app that would do this called "change name" but it doesn't seem to be available anymore.
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    so basically one phone can only have one hotsync name, right?
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    just download multi-user hack. That is of course if you're using it for legit reasons, because using someone else's software is illegal. *sighs* With that said: You'll be stuck with your original wierd sync name, but you can change it for specific apps.
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    thanks, i guess i'll stuck with that weird name
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    I picked an unfortunate hotsync name 8 or 9 years ago, and over the years have thought about changing it.

    But I have been doubtful that many of the more expensive application developers would be very open to giving me a "replacement" key, and for obvious reasons. Some developers are pretty cool, but I recall interactions with the codemonkey of a $5 application that ran me through the ringer of providing me with my full name, the credit card I bought it with, the serial number and other stuff just to answer a simple support question (last app I bought from *him*!).

    Dealing with that level of paranoia from a certain percentage of the hundred or so developers I've supported over the years just does not seem like fun, so the hotsync remains as-is (with hacks to make it more functional). It seems like attempting to remove all the mercury fillings from a 50-year old candy-eating mouth... major project.

    Any long-term Palm users had luck completely changing their Hotsync username with all the developers? And, which ones dead-refused or made you hate them for it?
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