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    How much space does tomtom occupy? is 1gb enough?
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    If you are running the SD TomTom Card then most of the program is on the card and it puts only a small part on the phone.
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    I have a 1GB card on my 650.
    I loaded TT along with the North East maps.
    I also moved over every app that was able to run from the card, and have the rips of two DVD movies; currently four e-books; however many backups Resco keeps before overwriting; a few pictures; some Word boilerplate documents as templates that I can fill in & send out as an email attachment (nothing like generating a bill and getting paid on the spot.); and probably a bunch of stuff I forgot about.

    I still have a comfortable amount of room left on my card. 300MB or so left if I remember correctly. Your 1GB card should be fine unless you go overboard with music & video files.

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