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    I have a question.
    Is your RF signal any better on your 700p than it was on the 700w?
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    I'm getting on average one bar better on the 700p than I did with the 700w.
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    Same here. I get 2 bar at my house on the Treo 700p when I got just the signal icon which is about 1 bar on a Treo 700w. 700p is working out better in key areas so far, but a ROM update hopefull will cure some of the ills.
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    I'd be surprised if the signal was different between a 700p and 700w, they're the same hardware.

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    They may have the same hardware but MACintels and Windows both use Intel chips but the MAC is faster (and better for others). My signal shows more bars, and the call quality is better. Where I live Verizon has not added any more towers so I know its the phone.
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    I just swapped and I do get better signal and the call quality seems better too. Thanks everyone.

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