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    When I upgraded to Desktop 4.2, my first sync defaulted all my addresses to "Work Address." I am a Priest, and have over 1200 members' addresses, that are all home addresses now showing up as Work Address. Is there a way to move them back to "Home Address?" Or will they no longer show on my handheld? Thanks!
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    What device do you have? For Treo 650s, the latest version is 4.1.4E.
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    I'm still getting version 4.1.4E for use with the 700p. Where did you download it from? Here's the link....
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    Mine says Version 4.2. I went to your URL, and found this:

    Was there a version 4.2? This download (4.1.4E) corrects a version number issue with the previous release dated August 2005 which, in some places, incorrectly stated it was version 4.2. The "About" screen has always displayed version 4.1.4. If you installed the version labeled 4.2, there is no need to install 4.1.4E.

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