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    This might be a dumb question but it's something I just cannot figure out (I'm new to Palm). When I enter a new event in the calendar and I want to include a phone number (say, in the attached note), how do I make it appear as a link so I can just tap it with the stylus and have it ask me if I want to dial the number? I don't want to have to store someone as a contact if I'm only going to call them that one time. It seems that Blackberries can do this (I've asked around) and also when I use Blazer and a phone # appears in a website, it is always a clickable link to dial. Is there some 3rd party application I need to get or am I just missing something obvious?

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    If you're not opposed to buying a third party phone helper app you can try TAKEphONE from . It has a lot of nice features over what the native Palm phone app has plus it has a tool called "OutCall" that you can download with it that will allow you to do what you're asking for. There's a trial version so you can try it out for a few days before buying.

    The developer of this software also has his own section of this forum for questions here:
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    Another option is ClipPro from . Among its many useful features is the ability to dial any phone number you have highlighted in text. You do have to highlight first, so it's a two-step process, but on the other hand it works in any application with text (memos, to do, notes field of contacts, calendar, etc).

    ClipPro also has features like more cipboard memory slots, reformat text, insert date, etc.

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    2Day from shsh software does this.
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    FieldPlus also gives you this ability, ie, highlight the number, invoke FieldPlus and select "Use Selection".
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention 2day, from the same developer. It actually creates a link out of the number so you don't have to highlight it.
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    Thanks very much! I'm going to try 2day. You guys have been a great help.

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