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    Some thoughts on how critical UI design is on small screens, and how Palm now lags behind Windows Mobile in this area, at:
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    That may be true, but Palm programs are easier to use and they just plain work. Ben
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    I thinbk the title is betetr stated:

    Palm now Trails Windows Mobile In "Prettiness"

    If design means useability, the statement is obviously false....just read any of the 30 or so trade rags expoiunding on the subject comparing the 700w and 700p or even the 700w and 650. But the 700w is certainly prettier on screen.

    This discussion is ongoing in at leats two other threads. The windows UI definitely has more fluff and most IT managers and power users upon box arrival, 1st thing they do is turn it off because of the Performance Hit.

    1. Get rid of the XP stuff and move to windows classic
    2. Turn off 3D animations
    3. Get rid of zooming windows.

    Same with the new Vista., use the new "aeroiglass UI", you need a 128 MB vid card and 1 Gig of system memory....with many MoBos and most laptops still at a 2 Gig limit....not much left for programs.

    Fluff doesn't get work done.....the problem is fluff makes products sell as most purchasers are more interested in impressing their friends than they are in productivity.

    The people who already own Treos have done so because they searched outa tool to get the job done and spent the time seeing what works best. The next market for Palm to conquer is the causal user who frankly is much more interested in form over substance. Once we see the new sound and video chips added which have recently be annoiunced giving thes ethings more MM functions, Palm is going to need it's only fluyff if it wants to maintain a commercially viable option. To steal from an old comemrcial "The educated consumer is Palm's best customer"......but the result of the VHS / BetaMaX tussle showed us that most consumers are impulse buyers and don't waste their time becoming educated.
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    I would absolutely say the post was NOT about prettiness. It was about the idea that on small-screened devices in particular, good UI design and effective functionality are very closely tied to each other. The better designed a mobile app is, generally the easier it is to navigate around it, and hence more quickly get things done within a program. That's productive.

    I love the Treo's keyboard and form factor - both are 'pretty' I guess, but that's not why I love them - I love them because they perform very well and help you work quickly. But ... in my view Palm's excellence in that ergonomics / form factor area, is not matched at all in the OS / apllication UI area.

    I've read a lot of the 700p and 700w reviews - many that I've seen that didn't like the 700w so much seemed to me to be from long time Palm OS users and clearly about 'it's not what I'm used to'.

    Two more words on prettiness and functionality and such: multi-tasking. 700w = multiple apps running at once, switch between them quickly and pull information around between them. 700p = run one app at a time.

    Windows XP and Vista - that's pretty much a whole different ballpark - was never really talking about anything beyond mobile OSes ...

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