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    Any monthplanner user out there that can possibly help with this question?
    The developer's site/forum is in Korean :-|

    MonthPlanner seems to scroll the icons in month view, nice feature but I really like the way Agendus does it better (show static 3-4 icons at once).

    Any idea if monthplanner can do the same?

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    Try playing with Preference/Font/Scroll Speed.
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    Here's a bigger question - where did this awesome software go?

    It's no longer available at - or anywhere else...

    I had been evaluating and am now ready to buy it - but cant find someone to give my money to ...
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    Me too, my trial period just ended and I need my Monthplanner!! Help!!! Anyone have a way to get a registration number?
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    A TreoCentral member sent me a prc file called RegMonthPlanner, do you think it is safe to install?
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    I bit the bullet, installed it, and now I have my monthplanner back!! Thank you TreoCentral Forum members!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BS Mann
    I bit the bullet, installed it, and now I have my monthplanner back!! Thank you TreoCentral Forum members!!
    Can somebody send me this file too! I need this software! I can't find where to register it either . . . I am more than willing to pay for this. Thanks!
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    Anyone know where this went? I'm missing the month view that DateBk had, but don't really need such a full-featured product as DateBk. I just need a better month view (that shows the text or where you can click on the day and have a small window pop up with whatever is scheduled for that day.
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    KSDatebook looks like it does what I'm looking for. But what are the plus signs (+) for. Repeating events? And is there any way to hide this symbol?
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  11. #11's available for download (here, others), but if you try it and like it, is there anywhere where you can register it and get your activation code?
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    KSDatebook kept sending my 650 into loops so I just saw this MonthPlanner program and installed it, but it says it will expire and there seems to be no way to register it. Anyone figure this one out??? Please!
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    When I posted the same question, the developer emailed me with registration info. Have you received an email from him?
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    i'm a fan of monthplanner too. i was wondering if you could send me the RegMonthPlanner file if possible. the software expired already and i badly need it. i'm only a student and can't afford to buy the software online. don't have a credit card yet. please help me.

    thank you very much

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