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    Has anybody experienced this? I'm not sure but it seems to happen more often when I have Chatter enabled to aut start after a reset. I'm not sure if it is that or maybe FontSmoother trying to get enabled. The funny thing is that I deleted uncache becasue it was messing up Blazer and it made this problem go away but now it is back.

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    This happens to me about 50% of the time AFTER I call *2 (was trying to get a PRL update a while back which required multple calls to make that happen, and then later had to change my plan). As soon as the call hangs up with *2, the phone will shut off and NOT turn on even after I hold down the red power button, forcing me to reset. Then, after the first reset, the phone will start to power on and will stay on the splash screen hanging there, requiring me to reset the Treo a second time.

    After the second reset, I can turn the phone on again and all is fine.

    The other 50% of the time, the screen will say "phone off" for a second, then come back tp Sprint service, and all is fine. No freeze.

    Annoying bug. But at least for me, it's not random... are you randomly rebooting and having this problem?
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    I was getting reboots due to uncache not getting alone with Blazer, but this happens after I make a rest.

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    I had this for the first time last night, after I attempted a BT hotsync. It took several resets to get my new (used) 700p to start.
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    Happenned to me once. I soft reset the phone and haven't had the problem again. My guess is that if you're in a poor coverage area the phone app behaves poorly and crashes.
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    It happened to me after I pressed the answer button on the screen when the BT headphones were covering the answer button. As soon as I touched the screen, it reset, (didn't answer) and got stuck on the reset back on.
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    Happens to me quite frequently. I usually have to wind up doing a warm reset to get back up and running.
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    Happens to me as well but always "clears" after the second reset.
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    happens to me also sometimes have to do 2 or 3 resets to get it to come back. It started happening to me after i installed font smoother.


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