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    From Palm Addict

    Well, Roustem Karimov, the developer of TreoAlarm has informed me that users have reported compatibility with their 700p's. So, if you have a 700p, go ahead and try it out, and if any of our great PA AW's are useing TreoAlarm on their 700p's, please let us know if it's working for you.
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    I'm using the treo alarm with my 700p and have been having great results. I love it . and with volume care the alarms are much louder. I have had no issues with this and. as many time as I had to do a hard reset ect they alway respond very fast to my emails for support. this is a five star product.
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
    Bug me , zlauncher , Treo memo, Volume care pro, Backupman , Takephone,Agendus, 2day, Holidates, lex spell, Bdictionary, Mundu, Adrian Money ,Genius, Callblock,minitones,Pocket Tunes Deluxe, doc2go,Timesheet, bible reader,Checkers sea War,Hot reverse ,sudoku and Black jack (All games are on my sd card) , Yaps and crytex, safeguard
    Nvback up on 2nd 1gig sd card

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