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    I have been experiencing some issues with Splashblog and 1 mpxl pictures on my Treo 700p.
    1. Splashblog takes very long to capture pictures after they are taken within splashblog. I would say about 30 to 40 seconds to just capture them. This is very ridiculus. I always miss what I wanted to capture.

    2. My solution to this was to go to the built in camara app which takes 1 mpxl pictures faster. So I took 3 pictures and went back to Splashblog to add them from the Palm folder and now everytime I browse through the pictures before adding them my Treo rests.

    I don't think Splashblog ever released an official update that enhances performance on the Treo 700p. Has anybody experienced this problem?


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    Not here, Splashblog v2.03 works well on my 700, within the app go to menu, then Check For Update, and you should get an update info if needed. Good Luck!
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    I too have not had problems with SplashBlog on my 700p.

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