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    I have a treo 650 from sprint that i have had for about 6 months. realizing that i really am a pocket pc person i got one of the ppc 6700 on ebay new from a sprint retailer for free. No gimmicks whatsoever. I just agreed to add a new line of service. Now i have this treo 650 with my number on it. I was going to call sprint and say i lost it so my number can be put on hold then transfer that number over to the ppc 6700 in a few months. The resale value of the treo would be greatly enhanced if i had it unlocked. Is there a way to clear the esn? What are my options/ It currently listed on ebay with clear information that the esn is not clear.
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    I thought "unlocking" was only for GSM phones. I could be wrong ...
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    aprasad is right. Srint=CDMA. Doesn't get unlocked.
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    and furthermore - once it is Sprint or Verizon CDMA - you cannot even change carriers. They will only activate their own phones.
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    Forget all that, this guy is just asking for help with his fraud....if you report a phone as lost, then it should be lost, not being sold on eBay. And no, there's no way to change the ESN so it's clear if you report it as lost.
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    Fraud is a very strong word. I am merely asking for information on if its possible. I spent 450 dollars on this treo when it first came out. Am i not entitled to recoup some of my initial investment. So basically the bottom line is i should just hold on to the treo until i swap that number over to another phone LEGALLY...?
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    Thanks for the help but the answer to my question was found in another forum that i should just activate the number from the treo on an older phone i have laying around the house thereby clearing the esn for activation. Thanks anyway In fact i just cancelled the ebay auction because it looked like i was going to get maybe 30 dollars for the treo.
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    you gotta believe in the invisible hand.
    i've found that if you're stuff is in good condition, and there are no misspellings in your auction description and title, you'll get pretty much what everyone else gets, dont set a high reserve price, and dont worry about no bids, most bidding happens right at the end of the auction.

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