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    when i plug in to charge, the phone would charge for a minute, and would stop charging. what makes it stop charging if plug it in already?
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    Could it be losing contact? My shoddy third-party ebayed cradle needs the phone sitting juuuuust right to charge, and bumping the table just a bit can set it off.
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    i don't have a cradle though, just hope it will charge fully
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    Does it charge, stop, and stay off, or go on-off-on-off? The latter could be a battery issue, I've read online, but in the case of my girlfriend's T600 it was a bad cable.
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    it would charge, stop, and stay off. I need to wiggle the cable a little bit, it would charge again.
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    Starting to sound like either a loose connector or dirty contacts.
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    I noticed this happens with my vehicle charger when it's very hot (car parked in sun, Treo normal temperature, but charger itself was hot from sitting in car)

    Perhaps your charger is hot?

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