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    Hi all,
    I have a factory unlocked Treo 650 with TMobile T-zones. Blazer was working for me before I updated my Treo two nights ago. Now, I cannot access the Internet at all. Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions to get me back to the Internet? Thanks in advance!
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    go to "preferences" and then "network" and check the configuration there. all you actiually got to do is configure the settings according to what your gprs provider asks you to do. looks like the firmware update could have tampered with those settings.
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    Thanks! I appreciate the response
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reggae
    Since the update, when I try to connect to the internet, the message just says "Sending" with a red X i n the right-hand corner. I have checked the network, and it is as it was before the update. I can obtain e-mail through Versamail, just cannot surf the net as before. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
    I am not sure if it helps, but once I changed my network preferences from T-Mobile GPRS Internet (maybe it is called a bit different, I am in the Czech Republic) to T-Mobile MMS. Blazer could not load any page, however e-mail worked. The solution was simple, just to change preferences back to TM GPRS Internet. The same problem was in PDA Net, it is also necessary to select internet service, not MMS.

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