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    You obviously do not work in business development at any successful business. Businesses don't decide whether or not to bring a product to market based on whether that particular product is going to be produced in the FUTURE; companies bring products to market that identifies a need and FILLS THE DEMAND for it.r
    Excuse me that is exactly what I do. I don't know what is with the snide comemnt but perhaps you wish to explain whay all the successful businesses dropped development for apple's OS over the years?

    By the way please check on slingbox availalblity for mac os, (not future OS, LOL) and you will understand my meaning.

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    I have sent yet another email to Sling.

    I must confess I am now seriously considering a switch to a 700w. I am offering 10$ to help me decide:

    My reasoning is the same that I have stated in this thread. Although the PIM is better on the 700p, I think I am willing to do a few extra clicks each time so that I can have the entertainment of Slingbox. I would switch back to a PALM if the client was later added I think. As is evident in my other thread, I am not certain which way I will go, but I am leaning towards the 700w. I will continue to press for a PALM client as well.
    enough said.
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    Maybe SlingMedia will buy Palm...

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    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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