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    I borrowed a friends wireless keyboard, went to the Palm site and installed the keyboard.prc file ..... got it up and running, used it to key in a bunch of names, phone #'s, address, etc. Pretty slick.

    Now I want to uninstall it (Using Uninstall Manager)
    Getting the message "Database Protected" - Keyboard is protected and cannot be deleted. You need to either disable Keyboard or soft/warm-reset your device and try again.

    I've done a soft reset. No good (same message)

    How do you "disable" Keyboard? I've tried to run the application, uncheck the "Connected Keyboard" box. "Detect Wireless Keyboard" is unchecked.

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    According to Northglides site under FAQ in order to delete a protected application you must perform a warm rest. After the warm reset you should be able to delete the application and then soft reset.
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    Yes, hold the up button while doing a soft reset, it should come up without loading any programs. Not much will be functional at this point, but you can get to the launcher and delete it there.

    I would *think* you could delete it from the Palm launcher regardless, but the above will always work.
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    NeedsHelp & khaytsus ....... THANK YOU!! (did the trick)

    I had done a warm reset, but forgot about a soft reset (actually had only done a soft reset once when I got into one of those goofy loops) .... so really was thinking there wasn't any difference between a soft and warm reset. Learned something.
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    For what it's worth .... after uninstalling the wireless keyboard driver/app ..... my battery life has been excellent. Working on a second full day and the battery is still at 53%. (low to moderate phone usage ... fair amount on the web.)

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