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    This is my problem the way I understand it...

    We use Exchange and Activesync at work. I have the problem where Versamail is not trusting my company's Exchange SSL server certificate becasue its not a commercial certificate on Versamail's trusted list. My understanding is that there is no work around for this other than getting a new server certificate. I'm the only one at my company with this problem so its not reasonable to have all 300 computers and 20 or so smartphones re-register their certificates just so I can get my 700p working.

    If there is some fix I missed let me know....?

    So, it seems I need a new email client. What I need is an email client that also wirelessly syncs Outlook's calendar and contacts. I tried "Business Connect" but it doesn't seem to sync with the Palm calendar, only with its own seperate calendar. Plus it requires keeping your computer up all the time. So that wont work. "Chatter" doesn't seem to sync Calendar and Contacts just email. "Good" is pretty expensive and since I'm the only one in my company requesting it, I.T. is not crazy about implementing it just for me.

    Is there a decent 700p email client for the exchange activesync that wirelessly syncs Email Calendar and Contacts?

    Thanks ahead of time for your help.

    Tony Goodman,
    Ensemble Studios
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    If it is a true trusted cert (even godaddy) then all your computers and 20 or so smartphones should accept the cert and your IT department should not need to load it manually unless you have some other security requirement like you don't trust any certs but those that have been loaded manually.
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    >> ...not trusted unless loaded manually.

    I don't know for sure, but that sounds likely. I'll ask IT guy if I can figure out how to phrase it so I dont sound like I'm questioning his integrity.

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