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    Hello everyone,

    Is it possible to use standard vision with the 700p? The sprint reps over the phone told me that the standard vision package doesn't work with the 700p...only the power vision package does. Can anyone verify this to be true? The reason I ask this is because I'm currently getting my vision package for free (special promotion a couple years back when I signed up for a plan) and would hate to go for the 700p and have to pay extra for vision. The sprint rep told me that I would have to go with the 650 in order to be able to use standard vision. Seems hard to believe.

    Thanks so much in advance for your replies!

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    Check the FAQ's at the top of the page, or try searching
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    yes it does work if anyone says anything different there wrong..i know for a fact cuz I just switched over to powervision last month. I have had the unit since it was released. I thought I had pv and look on my bill and I had standard vision. so again the answer is yes.
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    I think the bigger question is does the 700p run faster if you upgrade your Vision plan to Power Vision? I think the answer is, no. I still have regular Vision but my speeds are the same as those with Power Vision. I also show the blue arrows in Power Vision areas and green arrows (and slower speeds) in non-PV locations. Sprint has not charged me anything different for remaining with my old plan.
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    It would seem like a waste to have the 700 and only have 1x speeds. :-(
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    Lol, then you'd just have a 650 with more RAM and a better camera...

    Anyways, one way to avoid having to change your plan is to obtain a 700p somehow (buy it outright would be the simplest, albeit expensive method), and then to call Sprint and do an ESN swap. They should swap your ESN without changing your plan. However, if you do it at the store, they'll progrably change your plan, and may not tell you about it. When I switched from my Sanyo 8300 to my Samsung A900, I was switched to a PowerVision plan and the woman at the store who activated my phone didn't even tell me.
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    Even if you don't do an ESN swap, and you buy from a store and they change your plan, you can retreat back to regular Vision. You just have to call CS and no what the hell your talking about and don't let them take advantage of you. I have a corporate account and I call the corporate departments number and IMO...I seem to get better service from this CS department without the BS, and I was going to pull Power Vision and I asked if it was applicable since the sales rep at the store said it wasn't and she told me they weren't telling the truth and thats what they do to push it on you if you do ask about it, and if you don't they give it to you without telling you, so she opted to remove it, but I wanted to actually see if the speeds were their and test it from both perspectives and in my area Power Vision is where it is at, and I am staying with it.
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    power vision is only more expensive than regular vision if your vision was grand fathered. it's also not very hard to get free unlimited power vision from sprint if you have been a customer for a long time and have a good payment history. anyways yes, you can use the 700p on regular vision and you can use evdo on a regular vision plan.
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    if you don't want evdo, then just be sure to disable it ##EVDO# or you'll get huge charges once you start evdo'n

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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    It would seem like a waste to have the 700 and only have 1x speeds. :-(
    Trust me, it is...See, living in North Dakota has its perks!! We just got electricity up here
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackboxsocial
    if you don't want evdo, then just be sure to disable it ##EVDO# or you'll get huge charges once you start evdo'n

    This is absolutely wrong. If you have a vision plan you can use EVDO on it just fine without any additional charges.

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